you need
  • documents for employment, resume
Immediately after the news of the pregnancy occurs to think of a job.The work requires the expectant mother not only as a means to improve the financial situation, but also as a guarantee for obtaining all required benefits.If pregnancy was not planned and you do not have time to be arranged in the desired position until the moment of its occurrence, it should not be cause for rejection of the right to work.
Pick up for itself a version of the work, which does not require the expenditure of large amounts of power.Pregnant women need more rest and focus on their own health.Choose a company that can offer a good schedule.Avoid the device to those enterprises which practice goes employees on the night shift.
Pick up for itself such positions that are not assoc
iated with a high degree of responsibility.If possible, ask in advance to those provided whether staffing replacing the absent worker.You need time to see a doctor.It will be correct if you initially will apply for the position, which may be substituted by other employees.
chooses companies that have proved themselves in terms of payment of maternity benefits and respect for the rights of other workers.All income must pass under the sheet and it must withhold taxes.If you receive a so-called "gray" wages, you will be hard to prove its size in the event that the company will refuse to pay benefits.
defined the desired place of work, make a resume and send it by e-mail or bring it to the interview.In an interview must also take all the necessary documents, including a diploma of graduation, with the characteristics of previous jobs, documents on the passage of additional training.
in employment in early pregnancy do not tell the employer about his "interesting position" if this post is for you is very important.In this case it will not be tricked.You just do not give the head of this sensitive personal information.If the one who will conduct the interview, ask about plans for the near future and the possibility of access to the decree, it may be worthwhile to be honest about their situation.Typically, these questions are asked by those employers for whom the question of release employees on maternity leave is crucial.
in employment Ensure that all employment contracts and other documents were signed.It is desirable that agreement was not concluded at any particular time, and was indefinite.In this case, you will be able to return to their workplace after leaving the decree.