To get started is to better understand the situation

If the vacation was planned and timely reflected in the schedule of holidays, the employee is uniquely human.Do not let the employee on leave is permitted only with his consent, and only in the event that last year a legal holiday, and he got used to the full.Failure to leave for two consecutive years - a serious violation of the law, which is spelled out in Articles 123 and 124 of the Labour Code.

course, immediately go to the manual waving the Labour Code, it is not necessary.In the third case the issue is solved after a conversation with the boss.You can also try to find a compromise that will not break any holidaymaker plans or the plans of the employer.It happens that the employee loya
lty to the company and its agreement because of some unforeseen factors shift the vacation for a couple of weeks is the impetus for further career growth.This is understandable, because management considers loyalty to the organization is among the most important features of the contenders for the leadership position.If you move the holiday for an employee is the collapse of all his plans, you can negotiate with the employer on the implementation of urgent work while on vacation.For example, to conclude a contract of civil nature.Thus, and work will be done in time, and the loyalty of holiday-confirmed, and payment of the contract will not be superfluous.

What if management refuses to meet

Unfortunately, it also happens that the conversation with the leadership does not give any results.Sometimes, the employer not only does not leave, but does not explain the reasons for this decision.Here just have porazmahivat regulations.Entitlement to leave established by law and its violation is punishable by a fine of up to 50 000 with the organization and up to 5000 rubles personally with a leader who refuses to sign the order to leave.This is spelled out in Article 5.27 of the Administrative Code.It is unlikely that the leadership will want to part with such sums.

next step if direct references to the Code have failed - to apply to the State Labour Inspectorate with a complaint against the employer.Post it possible including a request for non-disclosure of the data, if the employee does not want the employer learned of his initiative.The company will test and then go on vacation all, who should by law.The most radical way to solve intractable problems with the employer - the simultaneous appeal to the labor inspectorate and the prosecutor's office.As a rule, after the first call to the prosecutor to clarify the circumstances of the case shall employers.