you need
  • - computer;
  • - text editor;
  • - printer.
recommendation, first of all, should confirm work person in the company and to inform the terms of its responsibilities, and how well that with them spravlyalsya.Pishetsya this document on letterhead.mozhno entitle its "letter of recommendation", but the version of the "Recommendation" is quite acceptable.The second line is usually the name of rekomenduemogo.Naprimer (center line):
«letter of recommendation
Ivanov Vasily Petrovich."
common form of this document is as follows: "I hereby certify that name worked at .... (full company name
) from ... to ... the following positions: ..." listed Positionsin a column list without numbering (with a dash at the beginning of the line), but let's say, and numbered, indicating the period work : «... to 01.2009 for 08.2010 - head of sales; ...»
The next part of the letter is devoted to the range of responsibilities of each of the occupied part of pozitsiy.Vvodnaya usually formulated: "The duties of Vasily Petrovich Ivanov included the following: ...".Next
transferred responsibilities for each position: the list without numbering or numbered.
example "- the position of head of sales ...." It is possible to summarize that all the responsibilities recommended coped very well, but not necessarily.
It is advisable to emphasize significant milestones in his career, did not receive a formal reflection.For example, the expansion of the zone of responsibility in the one position and the period in which the decision was made.If necessary, you can specify the reason.
At the end you can say about the reasons for leaving the employee of the company (for example, getting the proposal which he found more interesting or extremely complicated economic situation forced to make significant staff reductions).It is advisable to mention the desire to see again recommended in his state, but only if it is actually present.
By signing the document, recommender must indicate their position, surname, name and contacts for communication.Among the latter preferred mobile phone and a personal e-mail address: you never know how the fate of the company or of a referee's career.But the result in the document their personal data there is no obligation: only zhelaniyu.Gotovy document to be printed, signed to assure a referee.Printing is optional (even more so, not a financial document on letterhead valid without it).But her looks more solid recommendation.