To place if your picture in a resume?

ambiguous question.Do HR no clear answer "yes" or "no", so every competitor for themselves decide.

Most HR managers say that the photos you need, because you can create a complete picture of the applicant for the vacancy.Consequently, resume with picture more informative.

On the other hand, much depends on the job itself.For example, the number of positions (administrator at the reception, the receptionist, and others) put forward the existence of the mandatory photo requirement.If the job is looking for a programmer, engineer, on the contrary, the question is less relevant with photos.

In addition, CV with photo stand out, attract attention, which increases the chances of being seen.A study at one of the sites to find a job, it is confirmed: more than 67% of employers allocate the total flow of the candidates who ha

ve attached a photo to his resume.Do not forget that the main task of resume - is the employer's interest and motivate him to communicate with you.

What should be the picture?

Jobseeker should remember that picture - it is the first visual contact with the HR manager, so the photos must meet certain requirements.

Firstly, the image must be of good quality.The face should be seen clearly.Expression - friendly, allowed a smile.

Second, the dress code - business, modest.The best option - a photo on a passport (face and shoulders), but more "informal" positioning.

Thirdly, a minimum of makeup and jewelry.In the photo the applicant should look like what it looks like in life, without photoshop.

If you want to emphasize your belonging to a profession, suit photo made in the workplace.

Where to place the photo?

There are two options: either to make a separate file, but it is not very convenient for HR manager or reduce the photo and place in a summary at the beginning of the sheet (optimally - in the upper right corner).