Get your boss a standard form developed agreement or a model form.As a rule, any in any company, specializing in providing services, manufacturing, supply goods and other forms of work with clients.Ask your guide what form fields you need to change what blanks shall be completed.
Ask the client to provide documents proving his identity, and if necessary, other documents.The list depends on the specifics of the contract concluded well.Enter information from the documents in the appropriate fields.Give contract have room, put the current date.
Once fill in the form contract and provide it to the client for review.If needed clarifying.After the client has read the treaty text but ask him to sign all copies of the document.As a rule,
they can be two, one for each party.
Imagine agreement to sign the head of your company.His signature certify the company seal.If client is an organization or an individual entrepreneur, on their part must also be stamped.
Make the date and number of the contract as well as other relevant data in the log contract s.It can be filled in writing or electronically, depending on the order, the institution in your organization.