When selecting the head of the unit carefully look at the personal qualities of the candidate.Rate sociability, openness, willingness to discuss these or other nuances.The manager - is primarily a communicator, and in the second - the expert.If the first meeting of a candidate allows himself late, nervous behavior, a third-party phone calls - the answer is clear, with the person in this role work together is impossible, even if the portfolio produces a stunning impression.
If the behavior is not the candidate claims carefully examine his professional skills.For this purpose, you can prepar
e something like the exam questions that reveal the depth of knowledge on topics relevant to the desired position.In addition, you can go to a candidate to the department, the leadership of which the applicant claims, to ask his opinion about the functioning of a system.At the site will be immediately visible to the degree of competence of the candidate as a specialist.
Carefully analyze the employment records of the applicant.Well, if the future leader began his career working with posts.In this case, we can talk about the guarantee of understanding the cause for which will be responsible leader.In addition, the availability of career growth - a good characteristic personality traits.
Finally, to validate the decision to invite the applicant to sign a contract for a probationary period.Usually, he was appointed for a period of 3 months.Toward the end of the trial period the analysis of the achievements of the Department during this period, it is also possible to interview employees of the department, to evaluate the quality of the new leader as the scale of professionalism and for his personal qualities.Analysis of the information obtained will enable reasonably take the decision to sign a full contract.