you need
  • - job description;
  • - work plan;
  • - proficiency testing.
Make your own personal work plan for the next reporting period (month or quarter).If your department is already under planning, the document should be somewhat different from the official.Identify the individual tasks within the overall project, mark the stages of their implementation.Outlined his concept of the company's management.At the end of the reporting period, analyze the result.This personal plan will not only help to optimize your activity on enterprise , but also independently evaluate it.
When applying for a job , as a rule, the employee is given the job description.Carefully read the basic functionality you need to perform.Record the key points in the tab
le and expose themselves assessment every six months.An objective analysis will help determine the effectiveness of their own weaknesses and your strengths.With the results of this assessment is not necessary to share with the management, use them for personal improvement.Perhaps as part of this work you will come to the conclusion that escalated own office.
in large companies often are tested to determine the professional level of employees and their loyalty to the enterprise.Use the results of these tests as a basis for development.Discuss with management the major points that you would like to change in the work.
compare own work on enterprise the same functionality performed in other companies.Explore the labor market today.Try to be aware of major developments and trends.An objective assessment of your work should be the main goal - getting a decent salary.If the self-assessment you have come to the conclusion that strong enough in his office, talk to the leadership of the fee increase.