Electromagnetic radiation

According to the World Health Organization, there are certain forms of electromagnetic radiation, which, undoubtedly, are dangerous to human health.Microwaves cook food by means of electromagnetic waves.X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation which can cause cancer in a fairly short time.Gamma rays are electromagnetic waves, which can cause fatal poisoning radiation for a few seconds.The difference between safe and dangerous electromagnetic radiation depends on its wavelength and the amount of energy it carries.That is why both are closely monitored services for the protection of health and the environment in all devices that emit electromagnetic radiation.

Common health issues

control organizations believe that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by power lines and tran
smission towers, can cause cancer or other diseases, particularly for those living in the vicinity of these radiation sources.Satellite dishes are usually cited as another possible source of a carcinogenic effect.


official science still believes that the electromagnetic radiation produced around high voltage power lines and satellite dishes, are not dangerous to people living nearby.For comparison studies carried out in the incidence of cancer in areas in the vicinity of powerful radio transmitters and power lines.As a result, there was found no connection between the cases and the influence of electromagnetic radiation.Most of the radiation sources have been repeatedly verified by independent researchers, and it has been proven that they do not pose a significant health risk.

How does satellite TV

Even if the electromagnetic radiation produced by the transmission of the signal from the satellite, is a health risk, a satellite dish does not bear Nika threat.The antenna operates by collecting and focusing signals transmitted by satellites in space.These signals cover a very wide area, covering most of the world.Satellite dish is just a passive receiver, and does not create any of their own signals or radiation.It can be concluded that satellite dishes are not a threat to the health or life of people.