you need
  • - notification;
  • - contract;
  • - the act of transfer;
  • - the application to the Department.
If sold privatized room, decorated in the property, and you are the owner of one of the rooms in a communal apartment, the sale you are required to notify in writing, by sending a registered letter with a list of contents and the notarial document,which details the conditions of sale, price.
His right you have the opportunity to use within 1 month.If neither you nor the owners of the remaining rooms have not expressed a desire to redeem the sold part of the communal, the owner has the right to sell the room housing the wrong person.If you have expressed a desire to buy to sell a room, made in writing or notarial contract of sale and register the ri
ght of ownership, by submitting a statement and set of documents to the Federal Registration Service.
If the room in a communal apartment is sold, and you are about to be sold no writing is not notified, you have the right to appeal to the Arbitration Court with a claim, annul produced a deal and buy back room, lawfully usingtheir preemptive rights.
privatized room in a communal apartment can not be sold, but if the tenants of her evicted, you can take advantage of this, contact the Department of housing policy statement, which indicated your desire to buy back the vacant room.
Department must provide you with the vacant room in a communal apartment, selling on favorable terms.It is also possible that the owners of the remaining rooms will become vacant at the Department of the room to the common property and will use it for common needs, in practice it happens very rarely, but theoretically it is possible.
According to the law "On the resettlement of communal apartments," to vacate the rooms do not have the right to inspire other residents who are waiting list and if no one has expressed the desire to acquire it, the room is empty, since the question of its useat the legislative level is not resolved.If you are not able to buy a room, but standing on the stage as in need of better housing conditions, you can give the vacant room as housing, which will improve your condition.At the same time the right to turn for another property, you lose.