You will need a passport
  • homeowners, property documents, certificates of EIRTS and USRR.
thorough checking of documents when buying a flat needed, by and large, more to the secondary housing.Primary housing having no previous owners, does not require such a serious test.
first thing to check when buying an apartment - a coincidence of documents for the apartment and of the housing.Sometimes tenants and apartment owners do illegal alterations, changes in the area due to construction of the balcony (if the apartment is located on the 1st floor), rebuilding the common areas.Check the specifications of the h
ousing can be in the cadastral passport to the apartment to receive in the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory) city.
Just check the documents of the Seller, as the frequent cases of sales of apartments incompetent or quasi-legal capacity sellers (persons with disabilities, persons who are registered in the IPA), whose relatives might try to challengedeal after payment.It is not recommended to make a deal to buy the real estate from the trustee, even if the power of attorney is in good condition and notarized.
When selling a property owner, you should check for documented approval for sale of the wife (husband), as well as the consent of minors registered in this apartment.Just ask the seller recommended expanded extract from the house, which is usually the amount prescribed by the tenants and the ability to stay even if the sale of the apartment.
home ownership is confirmed by an extract from EIRTS (Unified Information and Settlement Centre), which is issued only to the person in the apartment and having documents proving ownership.Best of all customers the best present in the preparation of extracts from EIRTS to exclude statements and forgery of certificates.Extract shows not only the number of prescribed persons and their right to property.
Help from the Unified State Register (Unified State Register of rights) can produce not only the owners, but also to any interested party: Help shows the number of residents, the history registration and deregistration, whether there is a court decision on the apartment debtson payment of municipal services.It is recommended to ask for such certificates on the eve of buying an apartment in order to have the latest information about the property.