you need
  • - application for transfer;
  • - legal documents in the form of originals or notarized copies;
  • - floor plan of the premises with the technical description;
  • - appropriately designed project of reconstruction and / or redevelopment.
There are two restrictions on the translation of non-residential premises in residential.First, you need to have ownership of the premises and it should not be burdened by the rights of third persons or entities.Second, it must meet the requirements established for the premises, or these requirements it can be ensured by means of reconstruction or perplanirovki.
Apply to the local authority at the address, where there are non-residential premises, a statement of his transfer to housing.The applic
ation shall attach documents of title in the form of originals or notarized copies of the floor plan of the room with the technical description is decorated accordingly reconstruction project and / or alterations, if necessary for the recognition of non-residential premises housing.
Please note that the listed documents sufficient demand from you any additional information and so forth. Municipal authorities have no right.Take them according to the list with a note on the reception and tagged.Documents should be reviewed within 45 days after the date of receipt of the application.After this time, you must obtain permission for transfer or refusal on him.
authority having power to make decisions of this kind, in 3 working days after the decision should be sent to your address the relevant document.Its shape is unified and approved by the RF Government Decree of 10.08.2005 № 502 "On Approval of the notice of transfer (transfer refusal) of residential (non-residential) premises in residential (non-residential) premises."Furthermore, the decision is sent to the owners of adjacent spaces.In the case where the space for the recognition of residential remodeling is required, a decision to transfer is a legal basis for the use of the premises as a dwelling.
In the case where the redevelopment and reconstruction are necessary, it is stipulated in the decision, and is a prerequisite for the transfer.Spend redevelopment.It must be accepted and approved by an act of the acceptance committee, which forms the body carrying out the translation facilities.One copy is sent to the registration of the body carrying out registration of real property.Act confirms the end of redevelopment and transfer of non-residential premises in residential.