Look offers to sell rooms online, make an appointment with their masters.The property is a must see, as the image in the photographs do not always correspond to reality.In addition, you will see that the mates are adequate, do not abuse alcohol or drugs.
to confirm its intention to buy room , you may need to leave a deposit for it.Do not do it on receipt.It is better to consult an attorney to help you make a deposit contract.Transfer the deposit only after the signing of the treaty.
Next room will need to check on the legal purity.For this you'll need to ask her master documents to it (certificate of state registration of property rights,
legal documents, documents the BTI).You can also try to order an extract from the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it.These documents must confirm that the owner is a bona fide, that the room is in his own name.
If the documents on room turned out all right, you must make a contract of sale.It is better to entrust it to professionals because the treaty only seems simple.Be sure to check whether the subject of the contract agreed (room), indicated whether the price way to transfer money.
Properties are usually transmitted by the act of transfer.By signing the transfer act and taking possession bathroom, register a contract of sale room in organs Rosreestra Moscow .This is a very significant action, because otherwise you do not recognize the owner.Registration is 30 calendar days.It will need to submit certain documents.Concretize the list of documents for registration can be found here: .