purchase any real estate, whether it villa, cottage or apartment in a high-rise building - is not easy and requires a thorough approach.The main objective in the transaction of sale is by no means a visual inspection of the purchased object, and rigorous verification of all required documents.

list of necessary documents when buying a suburban house and land

key to success, and most importantly - safe for buyer's purchase and sale of real estate, is the presence of so-called "ideal" set of documents, which consist of the following notarized papers:

- certificate of state registration of ownership of the house, which should be bundled with the contract of sale and documents on privatization;

- certificate of state registration of land us
e rights, which may be the property of the seller, the object of the lease, perpetual use, lifetime inheritable possession.It must be accompanied by the certificate of title documents (the data type of the documents specified in the certificate itself);

addition to the two certificates with all necessary documents, shall be the cadastral passport at the house and land;technical and survey plans to the ground;technical passport at home;notarial declaration of marital status of the seller;documents that confirm the absence of debt on utility bills.


When buying cottages and land should be aware of some important nuances that an unscrupulous seller may try to hide.

Not often, but there are cases where the seller does not have any documents that would confirm his right to property, but solemnly assured that the cottage and the land belongs to him and no one else.Better with such retailers do not enter into any transaction, and if too much like the cottage, it is necessary to force the seller to prepare all the necessary documents.Also, do not give the seller a deposit that does not have appropriate documentation.

document, which necessarily should pay close attention when you make a purchase and sale of real estate - the marriage certificate of the seller.If a person is married, the object exhibited them for sale, according to the law, and belongs to his wife (husband) too.In order to protect themselves from possible lawsuits by one of the spouses must obtain from all possible property owners notarized consent to the sale.