Understand that the sales contract - is a contract in which the seller sends a certain product, and the buyer gets to his property rights and undertakes to accept specified in the contract subject to pay a certain sum of moneyfor him.
There are sales transactions in which the written contract is not required or not required, and all actions for the reception and transmission of such goods are carried out at the time of the transaction.For example, retail trade.However, for such transactions law provides for drawing up a co
ntract, but at the request of the parties.
buyer selects an item (goods), pays a certain amount for it (the price stated by the seller) gets the goods on hand and cash receipt confirming payment of the goods.It is from the date of issue of the cash receipt by the seller to the buyer the purchase and sale is considered concluded, and the product becomes the property of the buyer.
However, the transaction retail sale may take place in other ways.So, for example, if the item is selected in the catalog, brochures, website, etc.and paid by any of the online payment systems, the purchase and sale will be regarded as concluded from the moment of delivery and the transfer of goods to the buyer.Such transactions are called remotely.
In turn, the implementation of the sales transaction using special machines shall be considered concluded from the moment the buyer a certain amount into the machine and obtain the relevant goods on hand through the opening of the machine.
Make a written agreement on the letterhead (if available) or a sheet (sheets) A4.At the same time the sales contract should be drawn up in accordance with the law and shall contain the subject of the contract (goods), its assortment, quantity and declared value, as well as all the essential terms of the contract, and obligations of the parties responsible for failure to perform these obligations.
contract must be signed by both parties.If it is between the legal entities must present printing of each party.In addition, the sales contract must contain a legal or actual addresses of the parties, the date of the execution and timing.