you need
  • - money
Choose a location where you would like to have a plot.The price of land depends on its location.Land near the big cities are many times more expensive than a similar area sparsely populated areas near the settlements.Rate distance from the village, the area, the quality of soil, availability of communications.Land under construction would cost much more than the land intended for agricultural purposes.
Decide whether you will carry purchase land on their own, or resort to the help of professionals
.Separate registration will save some money, but ignorance of the validity of the documents can result in a long process that will last for an indefinite period.Different validity of information and visits to various state institutions - all this complicates the paperwork to purchase land .
Make sure that the seller is in possession of legal documents, ie,He is the owner.The right to land establishes a special document - the act of State, which is made on a special form.
Visit any law firm and make a purchase and sale agreement, and then reassure a notary four copies.The contract on the purchase of land should be given the procedure for calculation, assessment experts, responsible parties, force majeure, under which the contract is terminated.The agreement must be accompanied by a document on the admission of transmission object.The contract spells out the characteristics of the land: the address, cadastral number, category of land, type of use of land , inventory number in the case of construction of the house and the type of construction, indicating the area.
Please note that you can buy the land without leaving home.On the Internet there are a number of sites that specialize in buying and selling land .You can find detailed information about the site, the location, the distance from the interchange, and even view photos.In addition, the site is available with samples of documents to fill in online and get expert advice.