you need
  • - passport;
  • - valid Schengen visa;
  • - through an international bank;
  • - money;
  • - online.
Determine housing of the plan you want to buy in Italy.The choice offered to buyers apartments, apartments, town houses, villas.Possible titles may vary.For example, the apartment represent a nearly the same as the apartment is only supposed to servicing of the house (for which it will be necessary to pay extra).Also, the apartment does not require registration.
Select a city or area where you want to buy a house in Italy.Apartments in metropolitan areas (such as Milan, Rome), on the coast and ski resorts in the Alps, will cost much mo
re expensive than in areas not so popular among tourists (eg Kolabriya, Apulia).This is due to the fact that the apartment or villa, located in the former case, you will be able to pass in high season and get a good profit.In areas not popular among tourists, accommodation is much more difficult to pass.
Look at sites with offers of real estate in Italy.Compare prices, customer reviews on the work of agency staff.If you know the Italian language, and learn the server, where the "direct" offers from construction companies (primary market) and owners.
to buy a home in Italy, make a "irrevocable offer" to the property owner.Thus, you acknowledge the seriousness of the entire enterprise.In signing the offer you will have to pay a deposit for buying properties - 5-10% of the total cost.Keep in mind that if your subsequent refusal to purchase, this amount is not refundable, and is used as a penalty.
Open an account in an international bank, and get a special tax number, which will allow you to make transactions on the Italian territory.Then put an amount equal to 20-25% of the total cost of housing in the new account.This money is added on to the previous pledge.Then you and the seller is the so-called "preliminary contract", which must be registered in the public register.
final contract of sale must be carried out in the presence of a notary, who represents the state.This employee will check the deal on its "purity", no secret agreements between the seller and the buyer.Also, the notary regulates the payment of all mandatory taxes and charges on re-housing to the new owner.Ownership is transferred to you immediately after the signing of the final contract.Official documents will be issued in two to three weeks.