Today the market of new buildings more mobile, it is connected with a wide choice of options, lower prices, loyal credit programs.But the risks in buying such property is incomparably greater than when buying an apartment in the lived-in house.The main problem with the purchase of an apartment in a new building, is the integrity and financial stability of the developers and investors.The best buy is the acquisition of apartment still in a newly built house, at the level of the pit.Although the contract clearly stated deadlines house in operation, in fact, often the non-compliance.And right we were talking about a couple of months of delay, construction sometimes delayed for years.And developers do not carry any sanct
ions.Buying property in these homes, gather information on the company-builder.Who specialized forums people are willing to share their experiences.Also, you should not confuse a big name in the construction of co-investors.Cases where state corporations have invested serious and commissioning took place at home with a serious delay, not uncommon.

Even one serious drawback buildings include the quality of trade-housing.Since the house is now being built at lightning speed, the error can not be avoided during construction.And the first surprise may be expected in the first year of residence.During the natural shrinkage of the house you can face bursting tension ceilings, parquet flooring and crooked slits in the plastic boxes.And this pattern can be observed for several years.If the prospect does not frighten you, the benefits from the purchase of new housing is there, and quite good.

little harder looks to buy an apartment in the secondary market.For the purchase and sale of the apartment must be free of encumbrances.So it no one should be registered, it must not be pledged to the bank, on it should not be seized by the court (because of overdue loan payments, cancel the transaction, and so on.).A check of these options is not really that simple.That is why when buying an apartment is almost always have to go to the realtors, which means that quite a large sum to pay for their services.Realtors are able to check the legal purity of the sold property.But risks still remain.

The advantages of apartments in the secondary market is the fact that you probably will not have to do a rough repair from scratch (although the state of the apartments is different).This is ideal for those who want to immediately call in a new home.After repairs in the building can last years, and will have to invest solidly.You will soon know who your neighbors are, how much you have to pay for utilities and what to expect from the service management company.