first five-storey houses were built in Soviet times, when the state has been a leader Nikita Khrushchev.They were called "Khrushchev".When their construction expected that they will be no more than 30 years.But today, these apartments are still faithfully serve their masters, and buyers for them is a lot.

Is it worth it to buy an apartment in a five-storey buildings?If you understand, among the secondary housing, Khrushchev is not the last place, especially in the suburbs.Although the house has long been characterized by dilapidated buildings.And the layout of the apartments Khrushchev five-story building does not meet modern requirements.

Their shortcomings - is, first of all, the low ceilings.In addition, the apartments almost completely there is no insulation walls are blown through, the noise of city streets c
an not drown out even tightly closed windows.The kitchen is in a housing area is too small.Another very important disadvantage is the lack of important elements of modern life, like a garbage disposal and a lift.

advantage of five-story building was its location.Dwelling houses were built in an area called sleeping and by the absence of industrial enterprises.There's no big highways.Each district has its own infrastructure.Yards of five-story building, as a rule, surrounded by trees and other greenery, which makes them comfortable, with cleaner air.

There was a time when the demand for apartments in the five-storey building was close to zero.But in recent years, renewed interest in the property of this kind.This is due to the fact that often the two-bedroom apartment in Khrushchev can be bought much cheaper than the one-bedroom in the newly built house.

Some buy a house in the hope that over time, these houses will be demolished, and they will receive a well-organized and modern apartment.

Should I buy a house in five-storey building - an issue that everyone must decide for himself.Who is allowed to carry out alterations to the dwelling, and the thermal insulation of apartment is quite possible to do.