Primary housing

Primary housing - a living room, which serves as a commodity for the first time.In other words - it's flat and at home, who have not yet established the right of ownership.As the sellers of housing in the primary market are the construction companies or the state.

Primary housing sold or when the participation in the joint construction in the process of construction of the house, or in the finished buildings with apartments, not registered in the state register of ownership.And the cost per square meter is minimal in the early stages of construction and increases as it is completed.

Speaking about the advisabil
ity of purchasing housing in the primary market, you need to consider the terms of construction, the subsequent investment for the improvement of new housing and the risk of a joint construction.

purchase primary housing makes sense if the question of the place of residence or a residence permit is not sharp and may suffer a few years until construction is completed.

It's worth noting that the commissioning of housing from equity you have to repair from the ground up.On the one hand, you do not have to redo the apartment after the previous tenants and finish will fully meet your needs and desires.On the other hand, we need to be prepared for considerable additional cost and time.

general equity participation, in spite of the legal "purity" of the primary housing, the event risk.In the long time-frame construction is difficult to predict the specific timing of the completion of construction, the possibility of bankruptcy builder or the emergence of economic and social change in the country.However, under favorable circumstances, the purchase of housing in the primary real estate market is favorable.


Resellers - it is an apartment or house that is already someone else's property.It is not just about new and old buildings: the secondary becomes primary housing with the receipt of the certificate of state registration.If the developer due to any reason not to sell an apartment to complete the construction and ownership of draws on the purpose of its further sale, this apartment will already have the status of second homes.In addition, owners and the state, on the secondary market sellers are private individuals.

Compared to primary, secondary housing cost the buyer more expensive.But the risks associated with the purchase of this apartment are minimal.They can only be associated with the termination of the contract of sale, or with the presentation of the rights to the apartment by third parties after purchasing it.With proper legal approach to the acquisition of property such risks are eliminated.

If there is a need for an urgent move to the purchased apartment, then you should buy a flat on the secondary market.The same applies to the residence sincein the apartment is only possible in a ready room and in the presence of the state registration certificate.