buy an apartment in Kaliningrad - the pleasure is not the cheapest, and the market is rich in quotations, because then a relatively low level of internal migration.

Apartments with one bathroom are the most numerous type of housing, which is actively involved in the property market turnover.These apartments are in a constant steady demand from consumers.And all because of what these apartments are to the sector of economy class on the real estate market, where ever there is strong customer demand.What does such a situation does not depend on the condition of the Kaliningrad real estate market.That is why local developers are so fond of building houses with a lot of one-bedroom apartments, as they can not worry about the timing of the sale of new facilities.This also applies to local realtors, their favo
rite thing - is to engage in the sale of one-bedroom apartments.By the way, independent of the transaction in the property market - a rarity, most use the services of real estate agents - it is safe and inexpensive.

price and demand trends

With a good pace and the economic revitalization of the real estate market, namely one-bedroom apartments increased in its price index, pointing out the subsequent increase in the value of other properties.And in that case if there is not a favorable situation, this type of apartment is losing ground in the last turn.This indicates a low risk in investing in one-bedroom apartments.Considering this point, many investors prefer to invest their money into such a property in Kaliningrad.

difference between the price of a square

If we talk about the cost, the price of one square meter in a studio apartment in Kaliningrad is in the range of 30 to 92 thousand rubles.If we compare this figure with apartments with plenty of room, the one-room dwelling on it above.This can be explained not only factors in the market, but most of their cost.

highest cost per square meter at the apartments on the bay and in the center.This is understandable in the first case - the tourism component and a special love for the locals scenic Aquatics from the windows of their own bedrooms, and the second - luxury buildings and high level of service.By the way, the new coastal building (built in the last five years) are now offering most of the two-level home, they are 30% more expensive than usual.The next most expensive in this segment - apartments with terraces and penthouses, the cost per square meter of such housing can be up to 220 thousand.