you need
  • - documents of title to the house (certificate of privatization, the contract of sale, gift, exchange or inheritance);
  • - technical passport of the house;
  • - a certificate from the BTI for the exclusion;
  • - a decision the board of trustees, if the house is registered minors, even if they do not own;
  • - house register;
  • - notarized consent of the spouse (w) for sale (can be arranged directly at the conclusion of the transaction) if the house was bought in marriage;
  • - passport owners;
  • - the original identification codes (analogue of the Russian INN) owners, including children;
  • - a document on the land on which the house stands, if the land is privati
    zed, or a certificate that the land is not privatized.
Particular attention should be paid to the study of the real situation on the labor market.In addition to monitoring the ads with comparable offerings (where expectations of sellers are usually somewhat high, and customers - are too low) will not be superfluous to consult with real estate professionals about the real price of their options, and factors influencing it.
This will understand the limit below which the price can not be lowered.For Ukraine, which can be called a national sport buyer desire to bring down the price of the property or by crook, such knowledge will be particularly relevant (and anywhere in handy).
After understanding the price caps can advertise its version.If you prefer to look for a buyer yourself and advertise its own version in the print media in the region, where the house is located, and on the internet resources.Along with the local can be effective resources nationwide general orientation to the nature of the subject rubrication transaction and regions, for example,
In parallel with the search for a buyer be engaged in the preparation of documents for sale.Start with those who made the longest and those without which it is impossible to prepare another document.Note also that the validity of many securities are limited.
In contrast to Russia, when you make a transaction on the original notary necessary identification codes of the seller or sellers.So it called on Ukraine analogue of the Russian VAT.Get the code should be the owner and with another citizenship after temporary registration in their own home.
And if the house is registered children, the resolution of the guardianship is required regardless of whether or not they are the owners (in Russia only if the owners).
Answer the questions of interested buyers, negotiate how to view and organize them.
It does not believe the promises and do not remove the house with a sale until you get the deposit is not refundable if the buyer changes his mind.
agreed with the customer order the transfer of money and the universe in the purchased house.
On the appointed day, go to a notary public with a complete set of documents and close deals, and then work out an exchange of money for keys.