you need
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - the sales contract;
  • - an extract from the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it.
After a preliminary examination of all documents sale building draw up the relevant agreement.Under current law the contract of sale of real estate should have a rigorous writing and undergo mandatory state registration in the FRS (Office of the Federal Registration Service).Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the recognition of the transaction invalid.
The preamble of the agreement indicate: - the name and contract number, - the date and place of detention; - information abou
t the participants of the agreement;- Details of the power of attorney.
The main part of the write conditions of the transaction: - the subject of the contract of sale of real estate (the exact address, number of rooms, yardage), - the cost, the order of payments and payment terms; - the responsibility of the parties; - mutual rights andobligations of the participants of the transaction; - the form on which the acquired property - entirely or shares; - period of the release of the seller's premises with the date of departure - the documents confirming the right of ownership.
absence in the contract of sale of the object and allows you to recognize the value of the transaction concluded.Therefore, these two items given special attention.If you are not sure of the integrity of the buyer, the price is better to specify the real, rather than carrying as the buyer can pay you is this, a minimum, the cost.The carrying amount is indicated in the event that the seller wants to reduce income tax.
For the buyer it is also desirable to include in a contract for the building in the absence of guarantees of the rights of third parties.This ensures the legal purity of the transaction.Assure contract signature and seal of the parties.Printing is required if the transaction is concluded entities.
After signing a contract in the Office register of the Federal Registration Service.