you need
  • - passport;
  • - money to buy an apartment, agency fees and taxes.
Deciding to buy an apartment in Israel , do not pull - property prices in this country have a stable growth trend.This is especially true of houses in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.By choosing to domicile the city, be prepared to pay more average market price (285 000 dollars).
Heed to search agency intermediary.Look for a solid company with a good history of the property market and a solid reputation.You can contact the agency directly to Israel or to find a Russian partner company through the Internet.Choosing agency, sign a contract for the provision of intermediary services, and mak
e a small down payment.
Agents look for suitable options for you and offer a choice of apartments, the most satisfying your requirements.The subsequent registration of property rights has some nuances depending on whether you decide to buy a new building or an object secondary real estate market.
purchasing a new apartment , signed a preliminary agreement, a request through an agency.After this pre-pay fee - it ranges from 1% to 5% of the cost of future purchases.The next point is coordination and validation of the contract with the developer.The final contract is one month after the signing of the initial application.At this point, you have to pay 10% -15% of the purchase price.Note that the value of the object can be changed - they are tied to an index price growth.
Buying a resale property requires mandatory testing of the seller's rights to the apartment , as well as the completeness and correctness of filling of documents.After completing the purchase contract Agree a deal with local authorities.
Usually final settlement takes place within three months.If you do not want to overpay, enter the text of the treaty in a solid amount (not less than 80% of the price), you agree to submit to the seller's account for the next 60 days.But if you break the conditions you face penalties (this point is also indicated in the text of the standard contract).
Register ownership of a new apartment in state registration.Do not forget about the payment of real estate tax - a 3% -5% of the purchase price.The tax should be paid within 50 days after the signing of the provisional application to purchase.When purchasing new buildings separately payable water connection, electricity and gas.