you need
  • - Russian passport, certificate of residence permit in Ukraine, or passport with a valid visa;
  • - identification number;
  • - consent of the spouse to acquire an apartment, notarized.
Prepare all the necessary documents for the registration of the transaction.Primarily, this Russian passport or a passport with a visa, which is currently valid.Suitable also evidence for a residence permit in Ukraine.Secondly, it takes another identification number.It is possible to obtain the tax office, just your passport.And, thirdly, do not forget about spousal consent for the purchase of apartments notarized.
Immediately after the selection is made apartments, signed a preliminary agreement for the sale, which have to be marked with the am
ount of purchase and the date of its registration.In addition, it will also need to pay a deposit, which shall not be more than 5% of the total value of the transaction.The rest of the money should be transferred to the seller only after the final contract will be signed.However, the main and preliminary agreement must be notarized.
At the notary carefully check all the documents received for the purchased apartment.The most important point is the accuracy of all papers.After the purchase must be fully protected against the possibility of any encroachment on her third parties.If the seller at the notary documents will cause the slightest doubt, it is better to play it safe and cancel the deal.To acquire such an apartment is not necessary.
If all documents are in order and the main contract has been signed, make a payment of the remaining 95% of the agreed amount.Then register in state bodies (in the Bureau of Technical Inventory) your purchase.
After completing all required actions will only pay the established state tax, the amount of which depends on the area you purchased the apartment if it is greater than 100 m2, the tax will be 1% of the transaction amount, and 1% will bepaid to the pension fund, but only when the deal with the seller first year.If the area exceeds the limit, you must pay a 5% tax.