you need
  • - study of the situation in the apartment, where the room;
  • - passport;
  • - INN;
  • - money.
Even before the first review your choices do not forget to ask the seller a number of issues.It is important to you, but in the apartment spelled people what order to use the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, hallway, common corridor, the schedule of cleaning procedure for the distribution of utility bills.
Regarding utility bills, be sure to ask whether a received fixed in apartment order on paper or there are only verbal agreements.The first option is uniquely preferred.
Ask the seller to show you when you view all the documents that you can confirm them.If paymen
t of utility services is fixed by the contract or the decision of the court, you should see this paper.The same applies to a document from the dispensation of the number prescribed.
When browsing, try not only to assess the condition of the apartment, but also to get acquainted with neighbors.Decent outside the state make no mistake: the seller can specifically induce gloss, preparing for your visit.
Try also to get to the apartment by yourself and talk with prospective future neighbors.This will help understand what kind of people (whether among them alcoholics, drug addicts and other anti-social types, crazy, bedridden patients, etc.).
And certainly really devote several evenings walking under the windows of the selected option.If there is heard a ruckus, abuse and the like, it is necessary to think, it is necessary to dive into all of this for many years, especially if you are burdened with family and children.
Ask the Seller, whether settled the issue with preferential right to purchase the room other owners of premises in the same apartment .
oral assurances did not satisfy.The seller must have proof of the failure of all the owners of this right or the fact that they have received an offer to purchase the room and in a month he received no answer.
Without these papers your deal, however, does not take into operation, no notary.
Only if no contraindications to the purchase did not find, you can arrange a time to visit the notary and the exchange of money for keys.
Do not forget to take the notary a passport and certificate of assignment of Inn.These data are usually specified in the contract of sale.Although if the room is owned by the seller for three years and more, VAT may not be required, as declared income (to specify in your declaration of VAT and necessary) and execute the right to deduct the seller is not necessary.
In any case, a list of all the documents that will be required at registration, you will notary.