Basics eco-construction - the use of modern technology, focusing on saving resources and maximum use of natural materials."Green" housing can be opposed to the concrete jungle, but it can not be confused with the houses in the village.

can identify the main features of eco-homes, distinguishes it from other types of housing:

1) Energy savings.This building should be provided with heat, electricity and hot water exclusively from renewable energy sources, including wind turbines, geothermal pumps, photovoltaic or solar system.This excess heat is accumulated in special drives, being distributed later to heat homes.Building eco-house takes place, taking into account prevailing winds and the loca
tion of the cardinal.

2) Autonomy.Eco-homes are built with taking into account that it is not dependent on external sources of heat, energy and water.This is a closed system in which all the resources ideally produced inside the building.This house can warm itself.

3) Renewable materials used in construction.Eco-house - is not the structure of wood, but it is mainly used in the construction materials, production and disposal of which will have minimal negative impact on the environment.To finish the traditionally used natural stone and wood, and raw materials used for production from the region in which the residential complex under construction, which reduces the cost of construction of housing.

4) Low cost of operation.The technology is the construction of eco-housing is more expensive than an ordinary building, but on the whole public service at home is much cheaper due to the fact that there is no loss of useful resources.

5) sorting and recycling.Waste sorting - an essential principle in the organization of life in the "green" building, but the trash is necessary not only to allocate for containers and transported to specialized platforms, but also to recycle and dispose of organic waste, the expense of which will be formed natural fertilizers necessary to maintain the ecological resource sitewhere eco-house built.

6) Favorable environmental conditions.Another sign of eco-homes - the proximity of parks, ponds, forests, flower beds and lawns.The design of the house there are many oases in the form of vegetable gardens on the roofs, small greenhouses in the building and park in the yard.