Those who have already bought an apartment in Omsk , in Yasnaya Polyana, and currently is settling houses №№ 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 1516, 17, it is possible to dispose of their property as you like.If you move there is no desire, you can take the square footage.To do this, place ads on sites,, and others dedicated to real estate transactions in the Omsk region.In the text, specify how many rooms in the apartment, floor, household appliances and furniture, as well as the price per month.Be sure to mark, whether included in this amount utilities.If you have suggestions for tenants - no children, no pets, only couples - also write about it.
Apartments in Yasnaya Polyana, bought at the stage of development, is now greatly increased in price.Therefore, they can be very profitable to sell.Ads about this place is not only in the above-mentioned sites and portals that are popular throughout Russia.For example,,, sold flat, indicating footage, number of rooms, availability of a balcony / loggia, is there any appliances, furniture, made the repair.Mark Price and add contact numbers.In addition, attach a few photos of the apartment.When looking for a potential buyer first drew attention to the ads with pictures.
The most difficult situation turned out to real estate investors, to partially finance the construction of houses №№8, 9, 10. They are not put into operation, and the timing when this happens is not known.To somehow affect the development company, write to the prosecutor.Attach the documents about your participation in the construction, as well as select what you meet representatives of LLC "PoKAC" when referring to him to clarify the situation with apartments.The prosecutor's office is obliged to investigate and render a decision on the completion of cases.