Tip 1: How to sell space

Upon the sale of non-residential commercial premises important thing is that there were buyers.The registration of the purchase transaction - the sale and transfer of premises from one owner to another, there are certain legal technicalities, but the main thing remains the same - the seller must be the owner of the premises.That is, if the ownership of non-residential premises not executed, you can not sell it.
you need
  • -pasport all parties involved
  • -spravka of BTI premises for sale
  • -pravoustanavlivayuschie documents on the premises and the land beneath and around
  • PRELIMINARY contract when transferring deposit
  • -contract - the sale
  • -akt reception - transmission
In order to find buyers, run extensive advertising campaign.It is better to be connected to the professional firms that specialize in this area of ​​work.If the buyer is found, take the deposit and its complete your notary stating the penalties for failure to comply with conditions of the transaction.Be sure to
write in the contract that the buyer's failure to purchase the money for the deposit data in a tentative agreement will not be returned.This will protect you from losing time and reduce your losses on the content of the building all the time.Professional Notary well versed in contracts of this kind.
Further, having the certificate of non-residential premises on the property and proof of the right to property of land is under room m and around, take an extract from the cadastral passport BTI.If the technical documents made room for a long time, without having to call the clerk you this statement will not give.Call service technician.Having paid for the accelerated rate, all the documents will fast.
You can then proceed to the conclusion of the main contract - the sale.Specify in it the real value of the premises.If the money in the amount of this sum will not be transferred, then the court will prove nothing is possible.Be sure to list the separate line, in what currency and when the money will be transferred.Who will bear the cost of processing the transaction and transfer money through a bank or a bank cell.Enter the number of the cadastral passport facilities.
After signing of the notarial contract by both parties shall enter into force, but the costs of the premises still bears the seller of this room.Therefore, before registration of real property rights in the name of the buyer will receive all the money owed to you and make the act of reception - transmission facilities.After signing by the parties act of acceptance - transfer the entire responsibility for the room and the costs of its content over to the side of the buyer.

Tip 2: How to sell non-residential premises

Non-residential premises for commercial use yourself is very difficult to sell.For the sale of these facilities involve professional experts from real estate agencies.If you decide to sell on their own, the most important thing in this process - to find buyers for the property.And if you find them, do not miss something important.Therefore, all the documents on selling room should be ready.
How to sell non-residential premises
you need
  • -pasport seller and buyer
  • -Certificate on the property of the seller
  • -extract of cadastral passport facilities
  • PRELIMINARY contract
  • -The main sales contract
  • -akt reception and transmission
  • -kvitantsiya for payment of state duty for registration
can only sell property to its owner.And it does not matter residential or non-residential premises .If you are not the owner, ownership is necessary to issue.For this update technical documents and register their rights in the public registration center.
room should not be burdened by liens, arrests, debts.Neither the buyer does not agree to take on your financial obligations.
After conducting an extensive advertising campaign to sell when the buyer is found, immediately take a preliminary deposit.If you do not, then the buyer can withdraw from the sale, and you will lose time and will be forced once again to carry out an advertising campaign.
preliminary agreement for the sale, as well as all other contracts concluded at the notary's professional, and do not look for registration forms on the Internet.In the notary's office will issue you all, in accordance with the requirements of the law.Although the Civil Code does not prohibit registration of contracts in a simple manner by hand, but it is with this kind of design problems and more often.
main contract of sale is also better to conclude a notary, as an act of acceptance and transfer of property.I do not understand the legal intricacies of these documents provide all the nuances impossible.
After signing all documents the rights and obligations for the safety and maintenance of non-residential premises over to the side of the buyer.
buyer will only have to register their ownership of the premises .
  • documents Sale of commercial properties