Register real estate transactions

All transactions on purchase and sale of real estate are made in regpalate.It can be found in buildings Rosreestra and MFC.Rosreestr not quite ready to give a full list of necessary services, rather than MFC.This government agency is mainly engaged in only the registration of transactions with real estate and land.There is, of course, there is a separate account with the bank that can be easily had to pay legal costs, office with experts who check the presence and correctness of filling of documents department of the unified state registry is a large archive of documents - certificates fixing face property.In principle, all th
is is almost enough to completely conclude sdelku.V MFC also provided a wide range of services.However, there is much more of all.Speaking specifically about it, and Rosreestra and MFC three queuing system.One of them is alive, the second - the telephone, that is, you must register in advance by phone or in a month or two to come to make a deal, and the third - for coupons.Talon is also the kind of document.It is written the name of a person, no matter - the seller or the buyer, and the ordinal number indicating what number you are on.His need to produce immediately upon entering the office, or sent to the queue.

Documents required

The first and most basic document - a certificate of registration of real estate, that is, who owns the property being sold.This certificate is on the hands of the seller.Next - an extract from the Unified State Register.USRR stands for the Unified State Register of Rights.This document contains complete information about the property.Proceeding from it, we can find the right holder apartments, laden, the presence of seizure of property.This document, according to Russian law, is public and available to any person in the bodies of MFC.The third document - an extract from the house register.It reflects the number of registered persons.Furthermore, evidence from Jeka that of the property is not worth no debt.For example, non-payment of bills for gas, electricity or water.

If the apartment is purchased in the mortgage, the bank will require documents informing about the job, position, salary, number of members in the family, a copy of passport guarantors.Based on all of the above and raises the bank information on the credit history, he concludes - to accept or reject the person to provide the funds.If you agree, when registering real estate transactions, it will also be required to document regulating the approval of the bank to provide mortgages.