apartment should be inspected only in sunlight.The only way to really good look at all the room and the area where the house is located.It is best to come to the apartment in one of the weekdays to obtain a complete picture of a possible gas content area, noise, and so on.If you are invited to see the apartment persistently at night - believe me, it's another reason to guard.
When selecting your future home plays an important role infrastructure areas.You do need to go to the shops, take the children in kindergartens or schools.Is it enough to all public facilities, within walking distance accessibility whether they are?Do not forget about the transportation c
omponent - a few close bus stop is and whether there are pockets of parking in the yard?All this information zakonspektiruyte to the house in a quiet environment to analyze it and compare with other options.
Often, the truth about the house, the porch, and perhaps most of the apartment will bring you to poll the neighbors.Do not hesitate to ask the most benevolent residents about how the management company, if the heat here in the winter and much more.All this information compare with the one you provide real estate agency or the owner.After that, make your conclusions.
choosing accommodation, remember that cosmetic repairs can create very real miracles.Sellers often repeating this to hide all the problem areas of the apartment.In this case, we recommend that you contact an independent evaluator who will determine - the repair was made carefully, or it was carried out in haste to hide all the flaws of the apartment.For services such adviser you pay quite a bit, but it will be much cheaper than those huge sums that will have to pay for any repairs due to surface inspection.If you still have come to inspect the apartment without the expert appraiser, suggested to pay attention to the ceiling.If there is fresh paint - a wake-up call.Perhaps over the head of the roof leaks, and the neighbors above do not close the taps.Also it is necessary to tap all the plumbing and appreciate how clean the house and the water pressure strong.Note wiring.To see how the grid, include an electric kettle into a socket and boil it in water.