The main thing that you need - this is the necessary money.But before finding the right amount of clear on how much cash you need.If you already have housing, which can be sold to acquire something better appreciate its own or in real estate agency.So you can understand what amount you are missing.

One of the options for getting shortfall - this accumulation.But you will encounter a few problems.Firstly, there is inflation.It applies to stable currencies such as the euro and the dollar and for the ruble may reach 10% per year.You can put money in the bank, but the interest on the account is unlikely to cover inflation.Therefore, it is most advantageous to save money as soon as possible.

Another opportunity to purchase real estate - it is a loan.Unfortunately, i
n Russia it is provided for under the highest such terms and the amount of interest - from 9% or more.However, for people who do not have their own homes, it can be a good way out - they will not have to pay for the rented apartment, as the resulting mortgage premises can infuse immediately after the transaction.

For mortgages also require a significant package of documents confirming your income and financial stability: work book, certificate of salary in the form 2NDFL, a certificate of ownership of the car and so on.

Another factor required for the purchase of housing - a legal support.This can help you a real estate agency or independent realtors.Theoretically, you can conduct a transaction on its own, but first how to prepare for it and read all the "pitfalls" of the process.

If you do not get an apartment, a house, you may also need the help and advice of professional builders.In this case, it decreases the risk that you will get a house in a very bad condition, without even knowing it.

Of necessary documents can also be noted passport, marriage certificate (if you are married), and the consent of the spouse for the purchase of real estate.