Tip 1: How to change privatized apartments

Opportunities exchange privatized apartments is very limited.You can exchange it for a house can not be privatized, as the municipal living space is not, in contrast to privatized, high-grade product.The significant narrowing of the choice of options and a number of additional restrictions give experts reason to include such transactions to the realm of fantasy.
you need
  • - application form, signed by all the adults in the apartment at the agency staff, designed the exchange;
  • - Uniform Housing document each participating in the exchange of an apartment (house management is taken);
  • - an extract from the house of everyone who has ever been established in participating in the operation of the apartment (on request);
  • - copies of the financial accounts for all of the apartments (on request);
  • - Help the absence of debt on utility bills (on request);
  • - cadastral passport, legend and the floor
  • - plan for all apartments (taken at the BTI);
  • - originals and copies of contracts of social hiring, orders
    for the registration of the contract of exchange;
  • - passports employers and everyone who is registered in the apartment, children's birth certificates;
  • - documents confirming the relationship of employers and their families (with partly-related exchange);
  • - Employers statement that they have no other premises in the ownership or lease, and if available, and copies of legal documents pravopodtverzhdayuschih;
  • - the consent of the guardianship (if registered minors, incapable or partially capable);
  • - temporarily absent consent of the persons living in the apartment (notarised power of attorney or equal to it);
  • - explanations for discrepancies in documents on any of the apartments (address space), if any;
  • - documents on the Harmonization of redevelopment, if any, was made.
should start with the search for suitable options.And it is very difficult because of non-privatized housing remains relatively small.In addition, the need to find the owners of two or more (depending on the situation) municipal apartments with a suitable living space, wishing to move in together into one.

Due to ultra low probability of such an alignment of often beyond that stage of such operations are not moving.
If you are still able to "grasp the immensity", check whether you have concluded the contract of social hiring.If not, go through this procedure in the municipal structures in charge of housing question in your area.For example, in Moscow is a territorial (district) management department of housing policy.

Then you can start collecting the remaining documents from the rather big list.
Unlike privatized housing, the deal on the exchange of council flats is made not Rosreestra, and specialized organizations dealing with non-privatized housing stock.For example, Moscow is the State Unitary Enterprise "Center of rental housing."
If at least one of the adults, in the apartment on the exchange do not agree, have to offer him a few options to fix the failure and apply to the court for a decision on the compulsory exchange and establishing which of the prescribedhow much housing is necessary.

A structure in charge of the registration of transactions on the exchange of municipal property, have to go with this document.

Tip 2: How to write the former husband of privatized apartments

you got divorced from her husband, but he is still listed as tenants or tenants of apartment?Remove it from the register at the place of residence, you can only as prescribed by law.
How to write the former husband of privatized apartments
If your ex-husband does not live at the place of registration in the apartment, the tenant which is you, you have the ability to write it without going to court only if:
- it has another living space;

- you have his voluntary consent, notarized;

- you have decided to exchange the apartment.
In other cases, write down your former spouse will be possible only by court decision.
If the ex-husband is an antisocial lifestyle and has a drive to the police, please contact the law enforcement agencies for the information confirming the fact of his detention.If you drive to the police are not available, collect written statements of witnesses (neighbors, without claim to your living space) that it interferes with their behavior a quiet stay in the apartment other family members.
If your ex-husband does not pay for utility bills and personal accounts have not yet divided, contact the housing department with an application for separation of accounts.If within six months, he will continue to shy away from their payment, this was the reason for his eviction if he is one of the tenants.
go to court and apply to the claim for recognition of your former husband and the loss of a relative in connection with the right to use the living area, which you are a tenant.But if he, too, is registered as an employer in the corresponding list, then you need the help of the police and the housing department about antisocial behavior and arrears in the payment of bills.However, if the actions that impede your accommodation, it is not seen and, moreover, neatly pays the bills, then remove it from the list of employers you do not get.
avoid misunderstandings, get a certificate from the police that you do not let cohabitation if he, being registered in your living space, living at a different address, and continues to carefully pay for public utilities.Need and help and evidence that it has the opportunity to live (and get a permanent registration) to another address, because otherwise the court will deny you.
If the husband living with you, there are no other options for permanent registration, in this case the court is usually set period of time (not more than 5 years), during which you will be required to solve the problemby exchanging housing and living together.
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