you need
  • - documents on the ownership of the cottage and the land on which it is located;
  • - cadastral passport of the land.
Before you make a deal, privatize property you want to sell.After the procedure of sale garden is not so difficult and the most important - is to prepare the necessary documentation.
After privatization, choose well-known real estate agency, which itself specializes in buying / selling suburban real estate.
Do not turn to the private real estate companies, among them are former employees of real estate agencies, dismissed for trying to deceive customers.As a result, you risk to be without property and money for it.
When you select the desired group, then enter
into the contract for sale.Under no circumstances do not interact with real estate agents without the conclusion of a corresponding contract with the company.
negotiate with the real estate agent selected highlights of the sale of your garden.This professional agent will explain in detail the current price situation in the suburban real estate market and designate the value of a country house with a small plot of land in the suburbs.