What to look

Russians traditionally bought properties in Spain, the Czech Republic, Italy and Finland.Many prefer to live on the French Riviera.Very popular properties in the UK.Note that the cost of living in some European countries is much lower.Therefore, if you have the means, consider buying an apartment or house abroad.This is a great opportunity to learn life you liked the country and often come to rest.

So you've decided to buy a home abroad.First is to know legal technicalities regarding the acquisition of houses or apartments.Start with the fact that determine the purpose of buying real estate.Are you going to live in a house or apartment in person?Do you want to rent?It is very important to choose the right type of housing.Be sure to note the location of the house or apartm

If you plan to rent an apartment for rent, it is best to select objects located in the popular tourist areas.Note that the cost of the project depends on the prestige of the area.Availability of infrastructure near the site also significantly affect its value.Learn about the availability of shops, parks, public transport stops near the house.Very well, when located close to local attractions.

If you buy a house for yourself, consider your own preferences.Lovers of peace is to buy homes outside the city or villas in prime locations.You can not buy a house at once, and rent it for a short period of time.Having lived in a house or apartment, you are the right choice.

Prepare for spending

sober assessment of their financial capabilities.Meet with the legislation in the field of taxation, which acts in the country.Planning to rent housing rent, and take this into account.Be prepared to pay when buying a property purchase tax, stamp duty, the services of intermediaries.In many countries, foreigners can buy a house in mortgages.This allows you to avoid paying certain taxes.

ready to bear the monthly cost.Learn in advance and plan the schedule of payments.Note that the utility services abroad are not cheap.Remember to home insurance.

acquire a house or apartment is best through the international real estate agency.These organizations have a lot of experience, a huge database of proposals and a staff of skilled professionals.It is only necessary to voice wishes.You will be offered a large selection of facilities suitable price range.