Once you have chosen from the majority of the proposals on the real estate market apartment, going to buy, first check the documents of title on it.Ask the owners of property to show you available to them at the hands of the documents: a contract of sale, exchange, gift, annuity contract (if any), the so-called "Zelenka" and so on.
carefully review all.You should be alerted if the documents are amendments, corrections, erasures, not notarized or signed by all persons who participated in the agreements.Be especially careful in the event that the landlord urgently sells just donated or bequeathed to it by the square footage of a man who is not a relative.This situation requires special care in checking the documents for any type of
Check the history of the purchased home.These data are displayed in the Unified State Register (Unified State Register of rights to real estate).It displays all transactions, transfer of ownership, the arrest of the real estate and so on.Ask the owners to show you an extract from the Unified State Register so you can verify the legal purity apartments over the last 10-15 years.If you notice a discharge part of its resale and stay in it for the next tenants in the short term - a better turn your attention to other properties.It is possible here for the documentation is not all right.
It is equally important to check the legality of re-planning of housing.Unauthorized reconstruction of bearing walls and minor in it, doorways without the permission of the relevant authorities is illegal.
seller of real estate should also be checked carefully.Verify the authenticity of the document confirming his identity.Also it would be superfluous to talk with its neighbors, if the behavior of the interlocutor will seem inadequate.When in doubt, ask the person selling you the property, provide a certificate from the substance abuse and mental hospital that his health all right.
Do not forget to view extended excerpt from the house apartments.This document should not be prescribed person retains the right to stay in the room even after its sale.For example, minors, people tried, currently serving a sentence, and others.In the house book you will see all prescription ever people in the apartment and was discharged from her.