you need
  • - passport;
  • - business visa;
  • - money to buy a house and additional costs.
find an agency that will help you choose an object for purchase, and will take the deal.Such intermediaries on the market very much.You can choose a large company or a private agent.If you are in Russia, it is more convenient to work through the agency - will help you formalize an invitation to advise on the visa, the United States will meet in as quickly as possible and to hold demonstrations.If necessary, the deal will lead a Russian officer.
Discuss your wishes with the agent on the location, size and price of future purchases.To discuss all the details - particularly the area, proximity to infrastructure
, availability of furniture.The more accurate you draw a portrait of your future home , the more likely that the agency will be able to pick it up.Choose a few suitable options.If you need a mortgage, notify - this is quite able to finish the purchase option for foreigners.Get business visa and buy tickets.
discuss in advance the order of inspection of the selected objects.Carefully read home , talk with vendors.Focusing on a pleasing form, start negotiations.At this stage we can discuss price decline or negotiate other conditions.The seller can leave part of the furniture in the house or to pay for the necessary repairs.All this must be documented.
For greater confidence in the quality of purchased housing, you can invite an independent appraiser, inspector, gas service, to get help to the police about the welfare of the region.Visiting inspector may check the status of home and communications.You have the right to require the seller to remove the detected defects or compensate for their additional discount.
signed a preliminary agreement, which spells out the conditions of the negotiations, the final price of the object and the procedure of payments.The agreement is signed in the presence of a lawyer and your agent or representative of the seller of the title company.After this is verified legal cleanliness - not whether the purchased house as collateral and whether it is an encumbrance.If everything is in order, it is a contract of compulsory insurance of real estate.
After completion of all formalities, signed the final contract of sale.You make a pledge and pay additional charges: lawyer, insurance, legal fees and registry.Final settlement takes place within the time specified in the contract, the payment comes at the expense of an attorney or a title company.After calculation you get a document of title to the object and is considered the rightful owner of the house .
Some states require registration of property rights in court.This problem has been the title agency - its representatives are registered securities and transfer them to the buyer.