most budget option - panel houses

Panel houses are built like the children's designer, picking them out of the finished cubes - panel blocks.These block types are made on the house-building plant, and then delivered to the construction site of a residential house and collect it within a few weeks.Since using cheap building materials and technologies, the apartments in these homes are the cheapest.

However, they are not very comfortable - hermetically seal the joints between the panels and blocks almost not possible, concrete walls almost "does not breathe", have low heat and sound insulating properties.In such an apartment will be hot in the summer and in the winter - cold, you'll hear the neighbor's child from the ap
artment above you jumping on the floor and in the adjacent apartment swears couple. Currently, prefabricated homes landlords make the outer sealing seams and insulated walls, significantly increasing the comfort of living.

Apartments medium price range in the monolithic house

Construction technology of these homes allows you to quickly build a monolithic concrete frame and load-bearing walls, and then for the construction of exterior walls and insulation used traditional masonry.These homes are deprived of many of the disadvantages of the panel.They warmer, apartments are soundproofed from each other, and, in addition, you can buy an apartment in a newly built house and ordered her plan of their own individual project.It remains debatable how strong and durable like home, because this technology is only used in the West for the construction of buildings in countries with warm climates.

Luxury Houses of brick

traditional technology construction of residential buildings of brick today remains the most expensive and time-consuming.Quickly these homes are not being built, and the construction can continue a year or more.But the brick - the most eco-friendly material with good insulation properties, as well as the ability to "breathe."In the summer heat brick walls will provide you with the apartment cool in the winter will save heat and maintain comfort. A fire in a brick house can be a reason that later become brittle and masonry begin to crumble.

For lack of brick buildings, which are deprived of stone and frame house can be attributed shrinkage.Within another couple of years after the construction of the wall will sink slightly and deform.Therefore, if you buy an apartment in a house, it is necessary to finish the final will be postponed until the end of the shrinking process.