you need
  • - documents in the room;
  • - passport.
When you set the price, paid a visit to all its neighbors (owners of rooms that are in your apartment) and ask them to buy your room at this price.If you have good relations with neighbors and they do not want to buy your room, they have to write you a waiver of pre-emption of your room with the notary.As a rule, notary fees for your account as you need it.If all your neighbors - the owners of rooms responsive and responsible people - you're in luck.It is only the organization and payment process.
If you have neighbors non-peaceful relations and they want you for something to take revenge, or they're just bad neighbors, or pursue some of his interests and refuse to go to a notary to sign the required document youhave a written offer to buy them a roo
m at a specified price and send your offer to purchase any securities by registered letter with a list of their place of residence.It happens that the owners of the rooms do not live in his room and sit her lodgers.In this case, you have proof that they are notified, will the postal receipt or return receipt mail.And if they have not responded to your offer within a month - this would mean their failure.
Next you need to find technical documents on the room.And if it is, since 1998, at least once had been the subject of sale, technical documents do not need to provide the registration service (Rosreestr), because they are already there.Extract from the house register of registered persons taken not earlier than 10 days prior to the transaction.It must also consent of the spouse (wife) to sell this very room, certified by a notary, if the room is acquired in a marriage, not donated, not privatized, not acquired before marriage.
then drawn up a contract of sale, the parties sign it, paying the state fee and register the transfer of ownership in Rosreestra.Of course, spend the cash payment, be sure to write the receipt of all the rules of civil law.