you need
  • - application;
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - passport;
  • - explication and floor plan.
To obtain the estimated value of the apartment inventory by order of Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation № 113, contact the BTI.Write a statement, present your passport, certificate of ownership of the apartment.
Evaluation of apartments is based on many parameters.Taken into account the region where the apartment is located, the market prices of housing, the state apartments, cubic capacity, year of construction, the material from which made
the house.The average coefficient of the appraised value of apartments in your area multiplied by the cubic capacity of the apartment.
Help you will get in 5 working days after the submission of the application.If you pay for an accelerated rate of issuance of a certificate, the same day it will get in the place demands.This information is submitted annually to the tax office for calculating property tax.
If you need to get the market value of the apartment, contact the independent valuation agency in your area.Agents Evaluation of apartments are available in every real estate agencies to work with real estate.Present at the apartment title documents, a certificate of BTI unified form 11a, explication and floor plan of the house.The appraiser will leave in place and conduct a visual inspection of the house, entrance, apartment, house territory.On the basis of submitted documents and a visual inspection you will receive a certificate of the market value of the apartment.
If you're going to sell a house, it can not be assessed.Give customers a price that you are going to get the sale.To navigate in prices, read the advertisement in the media, call the number indicated, ask the prices in your area for similar apartments.
And the last option.You can find out for free in the cost of an apartment online.To do this, you must enter the required data source and get a result that will correspond approximately to the price of your apartment.