certain amount will be charged on income from property rental, capital gains from the sale of property.Among other things, you know that the purchase and sale will be accompanied by additional costs.They include the state tax service agent, notary and others.

tax on the sale of real estate

amount of tax, the proper payment of the sale of certain real estate is 13%.However, the Tax Code provides a range of benefits (Article 220 of the Tax Code).
So, there is no need to pay tax on the sale of the property is owned by a citizen of more than 3 years.

If the property is owned by an individual at least 3
years, the following rules:
1. From the amount of income obtained in the process of selling real estate, deducted 1 million. P.(property tax deduction - Article 220 of the Tax Code).With the remaining amount is paid tax of 13%.
2. From the amount received on the sale of real estate, you can take the amount spent on the purchase of the same property before, and then you have to pay 13% of the resulting difference.This method does not apply to real estate, ownership of which appeared as a result of privatization, since this housing is not subject to purchase.

At the conclusion of transactions in the Russian Federation is charged with the seller is required to pay tax on personal income (PIT).It is calculated for transactions exceeding $ 1 million. P., 13% of this amount.For example, if a person has made the sale of real estate, which was owned by less than 3 years, purchased the property in the same year, he is entitled to use two of the tax deduction, thereby reducing the amount of payment, if preserved documents confirming the deal.

Additional information when buying or selling real estate

addition, that the owner has to pay taxes, you need to know and the rights that are provided by law.For example, if the owner buys a house in the mortgage, he is entitled to a tax credit.Consequently, actually decreases the amount of tax on the amount of interest payable to the credit score.

tax agent in calculating tax on the sale of real estate is a notary who provides services for the calculation and confirming the legality of the transaction made.You can avoid paying the tax if the property owned by the seller resident for more than three years, unless the seller has received an inheritance, and this year it is the first transaction of the sale.

Each buyer and seller of real estate should know to avoid the risk of loss of money or property, that the transaction is legal, it is necessary to follow the law and the preparation of documents refer only to officials.