you need
  • - passport;
  • - money to pay for the property.
operating in Russia are many agencies specializing in the sale of Spanish property.Find suitable items to purchase can be on their sites.Look at an existing database or contact an employee - you will be given a list of houses that correspond to your criteria.
making a choice, evaluate the area in which objects are located.It is more important than the state of the house.Assemble your own file on the area - ask climatic features, proximity to water bodies, the degree of landscaping the criminal situation.Not all parts of Spain for a comfortable life, so choose a location for future housing very carefully.
final choice is best done on the spot.Agency c
an organize your visit, prepare a meeting with vendors and inspect your selected homes.Pick a few suitable options.Before the sale to be a complete check of the documents at the house and in the case of paper on one object will be out of order, you will have a backup plan.Note that on behalf of the seller may be a local real estate agency, is a fairly common practice.
buying property in the secondary market, check the deed to the house, the extract from the state register, make sure that your future home is not in the mortgage or under arrest, the bank, as well as receipt of payment of the annual tax.Buying a new building, make sure that the seller has a building permit, and purchased a house is registered with the tax authorities.
After checking the documents signed a preliminary contract of sale.The text of the agreement shall include all data acquired object, its price, terms of purchase and settlement.Make a pledge confirming that you reserve a house on them.The amount of bail is discussed individually.Now it depends on mutual agreement.You may be asked to pay a part or a small respite.
Apply to the police identification number required for the calculation and payment of tax on real estate.Usually it is made rather quickly.If necessary, the intermediary agency may speed up the process.
conclude a transaction in the notary's office, make a final payment to the seller and get your hands on the bill of sale and the keys to your new home.