you need
  • - camera;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you decide to sell a vacation home, start with presales.Debris removed from the site, do cosmetic repairs (painting, whitewashing, etc.).It often scares potential buyers just outside the neglect of home ownership and the prospect of a long and tedious cleanup.
next stage - the photo shoot.Take a picture of the entire area first, then take a few close-ups of the house and surrounding buildings.Also remove a few shots inside.
Make an advertisement for the sale of a country house.Be sure to specify the area of ​​the site, its remoteness from the city and modes of transport that can be reached.Often, buyers think that the site is too far from the
city, and that in a strange deserted area easy to get lost.Therefore, many do not even go to watch them interested option.To avoid such preconceived notions you may write: "The plot is about a hundred meters from the stop" or "The house is located on the main street."
sure to mention in the declaration of all the communication.If held only water, then verify the prospect of gas and electricity (for example, "light on the Verge" and "gas is conducted to the village").
Opportunity registration also plays an important role for the customers, so flip the item in your ad.
If you close your site no harmful production and dumping, by all means write to the announcement of favorable environmental conditions.
Explore the surrounding area.Availability near rivers and scenic spots will also raise the price of your suburban home.
Then find the classified ads of real estate in the area.Based on a study of options determine the price at which you are willing to sell your vacation home.Throw in a set price a small amount you when bargaining "give in" to the buyer.
Having made competent and the most complete description of the household, place ads on all Internet resources devoted to the sale of real estate.Refer also to the popular press.