Once returned to Crimea Russian interest in the peninsula by the Russians has increased significantly.Some are sent to Crimea for rest, while others are seriously thinking about how to buy property here.

Why buy property?

Before you buy a property, you must firmly know what it was for.If a temporary stay during the next holiday - is one thing.When the apartment or house bought for permanent residence, then the process must be approached more carefully.

apartment or a house?

Since many of Crimea is considered from the point of view of the possibility to live in the sea, when choosing an apartment you should pay attention to the coastal cities.Good conditions in Yalta, Gurfuze, Partenit, Yalta, Sevastopol, Alushta, Feodosia.At the same time in Yalta a lot of new buildings, which are waiting for their master.This option
is perfect for people in the capital and other big cities of Russia.

If you decide to buy a house, there are whole areas where built cottage settlements.Excellent choice - the area of ​​Greater Yalta.Also, a lot of good settlements between Sevastopol and Yevpatoria.

New apartment "turnkey»

For those who have decided to buy an apartment, it is best to buy housing in new buildings.In Crimea, a well-developed practice of putting apartments "turnkey" when the new owner enters and immediately settled, arranging furniture.If you decide to participate in the design of future housing, and provided such an opportunity.


The process of registration of the contract of sale is no different from what is practiced in other Russian cities.But one needs to be careful, because the locals have not yet been able to fully adjust to the new way of life.Still, decades of life under the Ukrainian flag left their mark, and some law firms are working in the old way.

Already, some capital firms, as well as companies from other cities are willing to offer their services to find real estate in Crimea, followed by paperwork.They were able to quickly orient.

Inspection trip

Before you make a choice, it is best to go to trial train on the peninsula to their own eyes to look at the existing proposals.It often happens that the house in which the apartment, the picture looks great - around the green, near the sea, beautiful colors prevail and purity.When a person arrives at the place, he sees a different picture.

In addition, when the field trip, you can choose the city of your dreams in which you want everything.Are you sure you make the right choice and area of ​​residence issue.