Examine the price situation in the housing market in the Crimea.To do this, buy a newspaper advertisement for the sale of housing or go to the directory of real estate agencies Crimea the average price, and select the desired area.Visit portal the "Classifieds" You can find the information you need.
If the selected area prices do not suit you, consider other offers.In virtually every area you can find an option that is right for you.
A directory of real estate agencies, through advertising or ads in the print media look for a real estate office.Select it, focusing on the customer feedback and for a period of work.Contact real estate agency, which is attracted to you.
maximum realtor give details your wishes: wh
at you need an apartment, in which area, at what price, how soon.
If you want to buy an apartment quickly, keep in mind that in some cases there may be some plates that slow down the completion of the transaction.For example, if you want to buy an apartment in which children are registered, then they may need to extract the resolution of the guardianship, but this requires more time.Some disadvantages to the conclusion of the transaction may occur, if the apartment is in common ownership, and one of the shareholders live in another city.In signing the papers should present all owners.
If possible, talk with potential future neighbors during the inspection of the selected apartment.Ask them about a particular house and the neighborhood in order to avoid future surprises different.
of the contract, pay special attention to the timing of departure from the former owners of housing, if the apartment from the secondary market.It is necessary that these dates coincide with the scheduled time you move.