have a home for permanent living or as a summer residence - the dream of many citizens.From a decisive move to the countryside they hold, mainly the lack of work and comfortable roads.All the conditions for a comfortable life today can be done independently, without the help of utilities and other services.However, in spite of various difficulties associated with the change of residence, many have already decided to move closer to nature and enjoy the fresh air and harmless fruits and vegetables.

How to prepare for buying a house in the Moscow region?

- check all your documents on the presence of these inaccuracies, corrections, shabby pages, bruises and other defects that may be an obstacle to the registration of the contract of sale;
- Before taking off the register at the former place of residence is recommended to take a certificate from a psychiatrist that you are not registered in the local mental hospital.It is required when replacing a driver's license.But in place of a new registration it will be impossible to obtain, as the basis for issuing a conclusion about the adequacy of your need to live in the area at least three years;
- after setting in the passport printing of an extract from the previous address is recommended to make for themselves a temporary registration on the place of residence for a period of 1 to 3 years.This will avoid a fine of 2500 r.for the delay in the registration in the new house.It is not always possible to meet the statutory deadlines and the village council to register within one month after receipt of the sheet of departure;

How to buy a house in the Moscow region?

If the preliminary inspection found no significant room for further accommodation defects, the first thing you need to look at the documents - House book.Make sure that no one other than the owners, it is not registered.Particular attention is paid to the records of the minor children.The fact is that under the law, write them only in the event that at this point for them to have a house in which they are (in this case, their parents or guardians) owners.

That is, in the privatized apartment or house should be allocated to the share in favor of adults.This fact should be documented.If the owners of buildings that you intend to buy can not show evidence of ownership, based on which they will write down their children, before the conclusion of the contract of sale should get legal advice.For the children of his former owners of the property can not be purchased will be issued even in court.

Another pitfall that is often encountered when buying a suburban housing - relatives of the owners, is currently serving a sentence in a penal colony, but are heirs under the will at home or having ownership of his share.Moreover, these people not necessarily be spelled out in the house, that is, print them in house book will not.

Forward-owners may not inform the buyer, but when on the threshold will have another legitimate contender in the living space, the problems from someone who purchased the house, there are many.To avoid this trouble, it is advisable to conduct a preliminary "scouting": ask the neighbors and residents of the village (villages) of previously living in vending to buy a house, is not there anyone from the family of its owners in places not so remote.

Another important step - verification of the documents at the house and a plot of land in the village council.In the Moscow region, this situation is often found that the allotment is not designed properly: the seller is not a certificate of ownership of land.In this case you need to cancel the purchase or wait for the documents to be furnished.If you follow this advice and be careful during the purchase of property, the purchase of a house in the Moscow region will be successful.