If the apartment is jointly owned or owned by one of the spouses, but acquired during the marriage registered, you can prevent its sale.To do this, simply do not give permission notary.Without this document, issue of ownership of the customer legally not succeed.
Sell apartment may not allow the guardianship authorities.If the number of owners in the apartment are wards persons - minors, incapable, partially capable citizens - in addition to the notary marketing authorization from the legal representatives, parents or guardians will need a resolution of the guardianship authorities (article №27, №29, №26,№30 of the Civil Code).
Guardianship may issue a decree only after you have them submit documentary proof that wards citizens purchased another living space, its cost and technical parameters are equal housing being sold.If the wards of persons placed in a medical or other institution for the public content, the decision may be given when transferring money to the account of these citizens equal the value of their shares.If it is impossible to produce such evidence apartments for sale can not be made.
Despite this, even if you did not give permission or notary guardianship agencies have not issued a decree authorizing the sale, apartment can be divided into judicial and sell.In this case, you can prevent the sale, if you use the right of co-owner and redemption of all the shares (Article №250 of the Civil Code).If the apartment is divided in proportion to the percentage you pay the value of the share of each owner and the apartment will belong only to you.You will be able to manage it alone, not to sell, leaving himself.