Until now, there is no institution of higher education that would be willing to realtors, so that real estate agencies themselves satisfied with short-term courses, which specify a list of questions to which answers need to know realtors.

Thus, among the necessary knowledge in this profession, there are areas of knowledge from many others.Your agent should be simultaneously:

1. Psychology (negotiator) to help find a common language for buyers and sellers, and of course, co-owners, if they have a difficult situation.

2. lawyer, because the buyer and seller are acting in the Russian legislation and that in case of error realtor will suffer heavy losses, up to the invalidation of

the transaction.All listings of agent for the transaction must be legally flawless.

3. marketers to properly assess the price of real estate, as well as be able to make a sales letter, description, submit photos representing beneficial object.

4. engineers to understand the shortcomings of the real estate, as well as its right to evaluate as a marketer.For the suburban real estate, which is often built their own masters, it is especially important.

Such multifunctional specialists who possess the necessary knowledge, in our real estate market a bit.Unfortunately, people of other professions who come into this profession, naively believe that they will only receive a large commission agents and lawyers to support this belief, formulating points of contracts for services agent so that the agent is almost never have answers.But let us hope that the situation will eventually change.

Well, if a realtor shows the lack of necessary knowledge and skills, you should not do without it, because it's simple enough for a careful and responsible person.