Naturally, the most common way - it trades.But the first thing you need to know what the situation is and how to bargain.First, do not bid on the phone.This is an important matter which is discussed only at the meeting.Second, do not do it on the first inspection, so that the owner did not have time to understand what you really liked the apartment.Otherwise, it will raise the price.Third, if you are confident that everything fits you, we admire and be surprised silence.And be polite and do not overdo it with criticism, because any host can hurt your scathing remarks, which may not even be relevant.
At the auction it is important to have knowledge of the market.If you have defined for themselves the value for money property, you are pretty sure this is not to retreat from their knowledge, let us not deceiv
e the buyer.Also, a huge plus for you is the availability of information, what time the owner needs to sell the property.If more, then you is at hand.But do not say that you urgently need an apartment.It is better to explain that you are considering several options.Perhaps you have in this area there are more suitable and cheapest option.Suggest your counter at the auction price, with its necessarily arguing.Take your time.Leave your contacts to master pondered and informed you of its decision.
Play the shortcomings.If you notice that it is the first or the last floor, the apartment is located in a half-hour walk from the bus station, etc., the landlord may reduce the cost of the apartment.
If you have the appropriate option to buy an apartment and you want to pay less, try to send nominees.Let these people will criticize shortcomings bright apartment and called the price 20% lower than proposed.Then, immediately after their arrival, you call and ask for 5% above the price of nominees.Believe me, the psychological factor can play.And the owner will lower the cost.
If you pay for, as they say, "here and now", iecash, you have all the cards in hand.Bring down the price.This is a strong argument.
Did you know that often take loans secured by apartments.But there may be situations where a borrower becomes nothing to pay them especially in a crisis.In this case, creditors apartment put up for sale at half price is less likely to sell and cover unpaid loans.Just explore the sites of banks and property grab sometimes 30-50% below the market price.
There are auctions held by the company for a quick sale of secured apartments.If you ask the employees of the bank, will the apartment under the hammer at an auction, you are willing to provide such information.Then sign up for auction soon.You will find a great apartment at a fairly low price.