Inspect the foundation, in fact it is the foundation of the entire structure as carrying heavy home ground.Inspect the foundation around the perimeter of the house .Known crack, however small, should get you thinking about the right choice.Structural defects necessarily have to repair.If the house has a basement, be sure to look at it and look inside, maybe there are a crack and there.Repair of the foundation - not cheap, so you have the right to require the owner to discount the purchase.
choice of material depends on the walls, of course, only on your personal preferences.The advantage o
f wooden houses is ecological and thermal insulation.In summer, this structure is not hot, and in winter, if the heating system is not cold.Be wary of m house built of foam concrete blocks, though they are quite strong, they are sure to cover the outside with a layer of brick or siding.If between the walls and the roof no belt reinforcing concrete, building a couple of years would be dangerous for your life.
Brick House considered the most reliable in its construction.But do not trust the general impression.Carefully inspect the walls, if you see that somewhere laying cement between the bricks thicker, think about finding other options as ways the owners try to hide the cracks formed by the destruction of the foundation.
Inspect the roof of the house .Its edges should extend through the walls of about 40 cm to provide good water drainage without the moisture inside the walls and foundation.Also check out how tightly connected to the roof shower drains.If no indentation and pipes, the rainfall will soak into the wall and then to destroy the foundation, which will house an emergency condition.
Inspect condition held communications.It is better to buy a house with gas heating as electrical heaters consume a lot of power residing in the winter in a room will rise a lot of money.Look at the condition of the wiring and sewage, ask where the house gets water.