you need
  • - application;
  • - the sales contract;
  • - identity documents;
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - notarial authorization;
  • - Resolution care;
  • - statement of account;
  • - certificate confirming the statement;
  • - cadastral extracts;
  • - the act of transfer;
  • - a receipt of payment for the services of registration.
If you buy an apartment, are required to have passport of all participants of the transaction, which will be formalized ownership funds to make full payment to buy real estate.All other documents for the transaction shall prepare the seller of real estate.
Before signing the sale contract, read the certificate of ownership of the seller.To dispo
se of real estate, including the exercise of its disposition, it is entitled only to the owner.
In addition, the seller is required to obtain the cadastral statement issued by the bureau of technical inventory update the documents on the basis of inspection of the apartment after the technical engineer of this department.
also need a certificate confirming that all registered citizens discharged from the apartment.Be sure to test the extract from the personal account, which will be a guarantee that all the utilities and other payments were made on time, and the rent is not payable on these services.
If there are multiple owners of the apartment all have to give permission for the sale of a notary.If among the owners were incapacitated citizens, read the decree obtained in the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship, without which the sale transaction may be invalidated.
acquainted with all the documents, the contract of sale.Currently, it can be made out in writing, but you must know the set of laws regulating the conditions, so much safer to apply to a notary public and execute the contract in a notarial form.
Acceptance protocol compose in writing.Specify in it all that is in the apartment at the time of alienation and made a brief technical inventory of the property transferred.
Submit your state registration center.After 30 days, you will receive a certificate of ownership.
Having bought an apartment until 31 January 1998, you only have a contract of sale, as the registration of transactions up to this time have not been performed, respectively, a certificate of ownership has been issued.To get it, contact the BTI, call the technician who will inspect the apartment and update cadastral documents and then contact regtsentr statement, pay the fee for the provision of services, show the existing contract and cadastral extracts.After 1 month you will issue a certificate of ownership.